Our Company


Seedco Group was founded in 2014 in the partnership of Letofin Group of companies and Ukrainian private investors. Letofin is the company with experience of commodity trading for more than 25 years. Ukrainian partners have agricultural group of companies with the land bank of 50 000 ha and a grain elevator with 180 000 tn of storage capacity.



In summer 2016 Seedco launched a brand-new grain cleaning facility located in Ichnya, Chernigov Region, Ukraine. The facility is located on the elevators territory. All incoming and outgoing products are tested and analyzed at the certified elevator´s laboratory.


Production facility has its own certified laboratory for the periodic monitoring for quality control on a daily basis. Our production side is ISO:22000, Organic and SA8000 certified.


Working directly with farmers and using latest generation machinery at our factory allows providing constant quality of raw materials. We know how to meet our customer needs and save their time. With us you save.